Update Status

“Post Status is integrated in both Social and Business Timelines and both the Timelines are integrated with Privacy Tab”.

Status is to briefly Share and explain something “What’s New” to your life and surroundings or current event and situation you are facing right now. Updating a status is as you are going to reveal your real time situation infront of your friends and family.

Post Status is further supported by the followings:
i. Updates
ii. Image
iii. Video
iv. Smileys
v. Location (Google Map)

• This gadget let users post statuses, opinions, picture of the day, emoticons, photos, location, diary and link to favorite political party. User can adjust privacy settings for each updates i.e. who can view this post.
• Updates relates to creating and sharing the continuous change in your essence, current personal affairs, issues and other public affairs through computer mediated technology in your social circle. You can update your status in shape of words/text, image illustrations or explained through videos.
Image: You can update your status through images and illustrations not only at your profile but on others too. incomeON (THD) supports JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. formats.
Video Supported Formats: Let people post videos in formats of 3GP, MP4, .wmv, Flv etc. on their own and others walls.
Feelings/Smileys: You can use Feelings (Smileys) to support and beautify your status.
Location: You can use Location feature alongwith your status to tell your fans about your current exact location with date and time.

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