Social and Personal Category

Now let’s try to understand the possible difference by making a specific post Public, or sharing in other categories.
The Social Timeline has been further divided into two categories as follows:
i. Social Category
ii. Personal Category

All the incomeON (THD) “Technology for Human Development” (THD) users can opt their own choice to post their status in their favorite and related supported category. Users have been given a direct access to all of their pages, shops, classified campaigns, jobs ads, life events, pictures of the day and blog etc.

i. Social Category

The Social Category is further divided into the following sub categories:
a) Social Post: in general Social Post is for your friends & family and for the other people you want to share with them, the current situation, happenings or something extra-ordinary or whatever your feelings etc., you can simply post and share in “Social Post” category.
b) Post Opinion: it’s a twitter type module, where you can share your opinion on current affairs, public affairs, on celebrity or on something important.
c) Profession ON: The “Profession ON” Timeline is a standalone timeline, if you are related with a specific profession and want to offer your services online, then incomeON (THD) voluntarily provides you a facility to manage your profession live.
d) Post in Page: Users can create and publish their own pages and can share all the updates directly by selecting this sub-category “Post in Page”.
e) Religious: The religious Timeline is to create a resonance between all the religions of the world and nations to understand each other view point. Users from all the religious sects are allowed to create their own timeline to easily express their religious views without any anarchy.
So a separate timeline called “RELIGIOUS”, whichever religion, you belong to, you can create your religious post free from prejudice and enmity.
f) Post in Charity: Users are allowed to create their online Charity Page(s) in order to run an online charity campaign at incomeON (THD) . If you have created a Charity Page, then you can post in that page directly. From the update section, choose the “Post in Charity” category to go through the Charity Timeline.
g) Create a Quiz: Users can create Quiz and Puzzles to determine the abilities of their friends and family and the general public in a separate (in order to arrange a series/sequential quiz) quiz section/timeline.
So, you have question in the update text box! You can simply place then in the quiz section/timeline by selecting from the drop down menu to the “Create a Quiz” option.
h) Create a Poll: users can create polls/survey through a series of questions to determine the opinion of the public about some personality, popular figure, political party, or on any other current and public affairs.
if you want to update the polling Page, you can simply create a Poll to get the ideas and information from the public about that poll.
i) Job Opportunity: This section is for employeer or the social activist/all users who want to post jobs for their friends & family and for the other users of the portal etc.
you want to post a Job! Simply, select the “Job opportunity” to send the post to your Job Opportunity Timeline.
j) Join A Political Party: users can be the worker for any political party from apart the world, they can join and facilitate their campaign in an effective way.
if you have any affiliation with any political party of any country in the world, you can simply join and post your status in that category, “Join a Political Party”.
Social Post:
Social Post relates about updating a status to get involve socially among friends and family and with the Public/all users on the portal.
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