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When user opens www.incomeON (THD) .com in the browser to sign up OR login, a landing page will appear on the screen having following options:

Sign Up if you are New User?

If you are new user over incomeON (THD), you will have to sign up first to access the never ending fun, to sign up provide below information.


Enter First Name: Text field where you provide the name you want to see on your timeline as the username, this is changeable.
Enter Last Name: Text field which takes your last name you want as user name over timeline
Enter your email address: To get registered
Re-Enter your above given email address
Password: Provide a Password comprised with the combination of Alpha-Numeric characters
Confirm Password: Re-enter the above given password
Date of Birth: Drop Down to select your Date of Birth
Gender: Drop Down selection
Terms and Conditions: Check Box where you accept the IncomeON (THD) terms


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