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How to Set PinPost/Edit/Delete/Spam a Post in Political ON?

Users can Pin post/edit/delete and spam on the posts through following ways.
Pin Post

Difference Between Pin Post, Hide and Spam

Pin Post:Pin Posts are the posts which are displayed at top. The most recent pinned post will be displayed at the top and the prior pinned will be shown under the latest pinned post. User can set up maximum five posts as Pins.

Hide:The Opinion Posts which are against the users’ interests can be simply “hide” by themselves. Selecting hide will permanently hide the post from users’ timeline.

Spam:selecting “Spam” will be flagged as “Spam” and a notification will be sent to the administrator who will check either it is spam or not. In case of spam proved, the post will not be shown whether it is “Public or “Private”.
Go to your timeline and click on the post(you want to set privacy) from “Political ON” category
Click on the Privacy button to make a post as Pin Post, hide or Spam

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