Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge incomeON (THD) Account) and select PayPal icon.
Step 2. Put the amount you want to recharge your incomeON (THD) Account in the “Set Balance in USD” field and then click on the Process payment button.
Step 3. You’ll be re-directed to PayPal Site where you can Process your Own Payment.
Step 4. The Recharge Account Request will be sent forth towards Verification Department. After Verification is done your Recharge Request will be solved.
Note 1*: Please note that the Received Amount will be added to your account also that you can use this amount only within incomeON (THD) and this amount cannot be withdrawn.
Note 2*: Please note that to receive amount at incomeON (THD) you must have to SignUp with incomeON (THD) with your PayPal Account. Because when you send request to receive your earning through Paypal then it will redirect you to your PayPal Account Verification page. So you must have the same Email ID on both at incomeON (THD) as well as at PayPal website.

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