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What are incomeON (THD) Pages?

incomeON (THD)  page refers to a public profile, specially created and updated for celebrities, businesses, brands, companies, organizations, institutions, NGOs, political parties and other various categories. The personal profile at incomeON (THD) gains friends but pages do not, rather these have fans and followers.
When a person on incomeON (THD) likes a Page, he/she becomes a fan or a follower of that page. Unlike 10,000 friends limit on personal profile, a page can have an unlimited number of fans and followers. While the working environment is quite similar to the personal profile, i.e. users can update their statuses in shape of text, images and videos. The page followers will receive all the updates made by the page owner or publisher.

How to Create a New Page?

First of all, you must be pre-conceptual about the page you are going to create. Creating a new page contains the following steps:
Go to “Pages” section in the left side menu then click on “My Pages
On the next screen, click on “Create Page”
You will find a list of categories here, select the proper category about which you are going to create a new page, here in example let we selectCompany, Organization or Institution”
Enter the page name or title of the page. (Character limit should not exceed more than 70 characters)
Provide the necessary “Description” a summary within 200 characters limit briefly describing what the page is about!
Select “who can publish to your page timeline (publisher)” from the drop down menu options only admin can post” or “Allow followers to post”. (In last option all the followers will be allowed to post at your page at the same time.)
Click on the Create Pagebutton to create a page.
Now, you have created your page and will be redirected to recently created page, as shown in the figure.


Elements in the Page

Name of the Page
Update Profile Photo
Update Cover Photo
Like Button and Likes Counter
Settings (Page)
Timeline Updates
Post Advert Revenue Buttons

Name of the Page

The name of the created page and the type of the page is shown at the top right hand side of the profile picture

Update Profile Photo

To update Profile Photo, see the follow the link or simply go to the section “ How to Upload Display Picture?”

Update Cover Photo?

To update Profile Photo, see the follow the link or simply go to the section “ How to Upload Cover Photo / Picture?”

Like Button and Likes Counter

The Likes button tells the total No. of likes of a specific page. It also contains a Like Button towards the right bottom side of the tab section. When someone presses this “Like” button, the counter counts/add an increment to its total No. of likes and vice versa.

Pages Timeline

Here, we will discuss the following necessary elements in each type of pages;
How to create a post in a Page Timeline / Status Update?
How to Pin Post/Hide/Edit/Delete a Post in a Page?
How to Set Privacy of the Pages’ Posts?
Post Advert Revenue


Post Advert Revenue

All the pages have following Post Advert Revenue buttons
Great Job

To know more about Post Advert Revenue; visit the link or follow the section “2.1 What is Post Advert Revenue and How Does it Work?”

About Section

The pages about section contains all the information provided during the page creation time plus some editable fields for adding some extra introductory information about that page.

Every page in the incomeON (THD) have the following information in their “About” section:

  1. Non Editable Information
  2. Editable informational Fields


  1. Non Editable Information
  • Category: It is the Category provided while creating a page
  • Name: It is the Name of the Page provided while creating a page
  1. Editable informational Fields
  • Short description: It is the Description (within 200 characters) provided while creating a page but it is editable.
  • Long description: A user can summarize his page in extra ordinary details by clicking on the Edit Button in the right side of the section. The Long Description must be equal or less than 500 characters otherwise an error will be generated and your page will not be updated.
  • Email address: Users have facility to input and display their Email Address by click on the Edit button in the right side of the section.
  • Website: Users can also update their online presence/website or a blog in this section by clicking on the edit button
  • Likes: Likes shows the Total No. of likes the page has gaine so far.


The “Likes” section includes a list of the people (along with their profile link and DP) who has liked your page so far.

How to Assign A Page Editor Role at incomeON?

  • Go to page where you want to assign a page editor role
  • Then click on “Likes”
  • Then click on the person/user tab settings icon (right side icon) from the list to assign the page editor role and select “Assign Page Editor Role”.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the Editor

You have assigned a Page Editor Role to the user.

How to Delete A Page Editor Role at incomeON?

  • Go to page where you want to assign a page editor role
  • Then click on “Likes”
  • Click on the person/Editor from the list and then click on the settings icon and select “Remove Editor Role”.
  • Press “OK” to confirm

You have removed a Page Editor Role from the page.


Settings (Page)

If you are an Admin then you can control and customize your page rights, visibility and other functions in the Page Settings. The Page Settings includes the following available options to customize your page.

  • Settings
  • Allow Posting
  • Privacy
  • Page Visibility
  • Delete Page
  • About Info

Allow Posting:           

It is related with posting control, as who is allowed to post on your page? There are three types of publishers who can publish posts on your page

Only Admin:   selecting Only Admin from drop down menu will allow only Admin of the page that can post.

Editors:  selecting Editors from drop down menu will allow only Editors of the page that can post.

Followers: selecting Followers from drop down menu will allow only Followers of the page that can post.



Page Privacy

The Privacy is the seclusion of someone from single person or group of people or hiding some information from someone.

There are three types of Privacy you can implement to your page, which includes:

Public:  When selected Page Privacy as Public means you are hiding nothing from anyone and your page is searched and showing to anyone at the incomeON (THD)  (THD)

Closed: When selected Page Privacy as Closed means your page is searched and showing to those who have liked the pages as well

Secret: When selected Page Privacy as Secret means your page is neither searched and nor showing to anyone even to those which have liked the pages as well. There is only admin who can see the page and alter its settings etc.

Page Visibility

The Page Visibility refers to two available options:

  • Published
  • Unpublished

Admins and the other members who are managing a page are allowed to publish and un-publish a page at any time.

Published:  Published pages are those which are visible to Public (everyone at the incomeON)

Unpublished:  While unpublished pages are not visible to Public (everyone) but only visible to the admin or to the persons who are allowed to manage that page. Moreover, your page will not be shown to the Public until it is republished by selecting the Published from the Visibility option.

Delete Page:

Admins and the other who has an administrative rights can delete a page forever. Once the page is deleted, cannot be recovered again. So it’s better to UN-publish a page rather than deletion.

Timeline and Updates: All the page updates are displayed at Page Timeline. The mechanism for creating a status post (text, images and videos) is quite same like on incomeON (THD) Profile but have some limited options of timelines for posting that specific post.

About: we have already discussed the “About” section and the necessary changes that can be made in order to make it more user friendly.

 Followed Pages

This section contains a list of all the pages which you have followed. You can select a page and can view all the updates made by the admins or publishers. You can also unlike a page by pressing the “Unlike” highlighted button/link placed at the right hand side.

Important Note*: When you press the like button (to like a page) the button text changes from “like” to “Unlike” at once. But when you press the “Unlike” button its text changes from “Unlike to Like”.

If you are the admin of the any of followed pages, then you can also control that page. Otherwise you can simply view the page content.

Political Pages

incomeON (THD) presents the pre created pages of the world’s leading political parties in order to stay connected with the latest news about the specific party and the party workers obviously. Your contribution towards the party will add up a registered member and you can find the actual registered voters of some specific political party.

  • Pressing the Political Parties link/button will show you a list of default or pre-created political parties pages.
  • All the pages created by the incomeON (THD) are verified and authentic pages.
  • Nationally it includes the Pakistan Political parties e.g. Pakistan Muslim League – N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Awami National Party, Pakistan People’s Party, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam (F), Muttahida Qaumi Movement etc.
  • Internationally, Communist Party of China, Conservative Party and Liberal Party from United States, Democratic Party and Bloc Québécois from Canada
  • You can find two buttons/links, a Like and the Join button towards the right hand side at the header. So one can like the page and Join his own political party but one at a time.
  • Liking the page will deliver you all updates while pressing the join button will be counted as a registered voters to that party. It’s something like showing affiliation to a specific political party.

Elements in Political Party page

There are the following standard elements in any political party page:

Political Party Page Timeline (e.g. Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf)


When user selects favorite political party page he/she joined, it will navigate to that party page (page timeline) which have following modules;

  1. Profile picture
  2. Cover photo
  3. Timeline
  4. Like and Join buttons
  5. Post updates, images and videos over this page
  6. About the party section
  7. The people who liked this political party page
  8. The people who joined this political party page
  9. Other Political Party pages
  10. Post Actions

Profile Photo (DP)

Display Picture (DP) of the Political Party page will appear at different places over incomeON (THD) wherever the posts of this political party will be shown.

This photo will become the identity of this political page and is only changeable by the admin of the page.

Cover Photo

A picture uploaded by the page admin as a cover picture, not editable by any other, this will appear at the page timeline cover.


It’s a simple timeline just like the social Media Timeline as discussed above in sections.

Moreover, this is where all the posts, updates, announcements, images and videos related to this political party will be displayed, page admin and the owner of the post will have the right to delete the post, these posts will be shown to the other IncomeON (THD) users who also joined and liked this page

Like and Join Buttons

The buttons from where user either likes or joins this page to stay updated with the favorite political party’s updates

  • Before joining and liking the page the buttons will appear this way >>
  • After joining and liking the page the buttons will be shown this way >>

Make Post to Timeline

You can upload videos, photos and any text based posts using this module.

About Section

It will display the basic information about the political party added by the admin at the time of page creation and is only editable by the page admin

Liked List

It will show the list of IncomeON (THD) users who liked this Political Party, one user can like multiple political party pages at a time. Hence it shows the total No. of likes.

Joined List

It will show the list of IncomeON (THD) users who have joined this party page, one user can join only one party at a time and to join another party page, he/she will have to leave the joined party page first.

So, Joined List shows the Total No. of joins of any political party page so far. In other words, the Joined contain the party affiliation with which you can easily get the exact No. of registered voters of any political party.
Political Parties by Country

This grid will show a list of other political parties country-wise pages registered over IncomeON (THD), you can click any of the party name to open that party page

Post Advert Revenue

There are many actions a user can perform over these political party posts

  • Like
  • Referral
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Feed other’s posts/Promote own posts
  • Enable Great Job for own posts

Promoted Pages List

The Page Promote list will open a list of the promoted pages either active or inactive.

Promote Page

Promote Page is a fast way of receiving a bulk of audience (likes and followers) for a business, brand, artist or any customized page. Promote page provides you more likes and followers to be in touch with your latest products, opinions and press releases or anything within the status post.
How to Create a Promotional Page?

  • Go to Pages and find Promoted Pages List, once found click on it
  • Click on “New Campaign”.
  • Enter the “Campaign Name” and click on “Continue”
  • Select page from the drop down menu then click on “Submit” button.
  • Click on “Choose a Budget” from $1 to $100 and press the Submit button. Choosing budget will calculate the Total Likes you will receive for your specified chosen budget.
  • Click Ok to agree and Click on Cancel to cancel the process. By pressing Ok button will followed by another OK for the acknowledgement that the process has been done successfully. So again press OK
  • You will be redirected to the Page Promotion Campaign page. Where you will find an arranged view of the information you have entered for your campaigns made so far.

Name:  Name of the Campaign.

Page: Name of the page on where campaign is currently running.

Total Budget: Tells the Total Budget of the campaign that has been spent so far.

Total Likes: Total Likes received by the Total budget spent.

Remaining Likes: Remaining Likes are = Total Allocated Likes – Total Likes Received

Likes: Total Likes received so far

Status: Tells the status of the promotion as it is active or inactive

New Campaign:   if you want to start a new campaign, then click on the New Campaign button and repeat from Step 2 to step 6.

Enteries:   The drop down menu list which allows you to select the number of campaigns or rows to show up.(10 rows to 100 rows)

Search:   Search is the module to search any running campaign.

Find Pages

You can find any page and anything on the portal related with People, Products, Shops, Pages and Posts. Just select the category (i.e. People, Products, Shops, Pages and Posts) and type in search the related term or query to find out.

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