Mobile Verification

Step 1. Click on “Verify Now” button on the top right bar appearing on the screen after login.
Step 2. Go To Mobile Verification section, there select your country.
Step 3. Select your Network Operator.
Step 4. Enter your mobile number with code e.g. 0333-1234567 (the country code will automatically be selected in the country code field). Now finally click on “Verify Now”.
Step 5. Click on “Ok” button to proceed further
Step 6. Show patience to receive a confirmation message sent by the system (incomeON (THD) (this can take some time 2 to 30 seconds or depending on your internet speed) and again click on “ok” button
Step 7. Go to your mobile phone SMS /inbox, copy the code and enter in the “Mobile Code” text field. Finally press the submit button.
Step 8. Congratulations! You have become a verified member at incomeON (THD), Technology for Human Development (THD).

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