Step 1. Repeat step 1 to 3 (stated in section How to Recharge incomeON (THD) Account) and in step 3 select MobiCash icon.
Step 2. Send the Recharge amount to incomeON (THD) Mobicash Account at 0300-8440479
Step 3. MobiCash will send an informational message to the sender as well as the receiver about the required money has been sent to the receiver.
Step 4. Also, the retailer will give you a “Transaction ID” commonly known as “PIN Code” or the hidden code.
Step 5. Put the Transaction ID or PIN Code or the Hidden Code (provided by the MobiCash retailor) to the Transaction ID (TID) field.
Step 6. Input the deposited amount in the Transaction Amount (Rs.) field.
Step 7. You don’t need to do anything in the Estimated Deposit Amount ($): field. Actually it will convert the deposited amount into Dollars (USD).
Step 8. Press the Process Button, that’s it you have done it. Now, you can see the status of your Recharge Request. And your Request Status will be “in Process.” The Recharge Account Request will be sent forth towards Verification Department. After Verification is done your Recharge Request will be solved.

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