All posts are promoted by default and have a “Promote” button with “Green Heart” .
incomeON (THD) (THD) allows you to make your first post (after every 24 hours) for updating status without any cost but that post will have a “Promote” button with “Red Heart” . When you or anyone else go for investing a budget to promote that post, the heart will become green after promotion.
A post that is either Fed or Promoted will have a “Green Heart” , so any one who perform Like/Dislike/Comment/Share actions to this post will get some money against those actions (this action budget is defined by the donor, however it does have a minimum limit)
If a post neither Fed nor Promoted, it will have a RED HEART, which means any one can feed it by adding money. A Red hearted post won’t give any money to anyone who Likes/Dislikes/Comment/Share it
You can re-Feed an already Fed (Green Hearted) post of some else by just clicking Feed button.
You can re-Promote an already promoted (Green Heart) own post by just clicking the promote button again.

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