Great Job

The Great Job is a button and appears beneath the posts (alongwith like, comment and share buttons etc.), when you or someone make a post at incomeON (THD Timelines (Social & Business Timelines and others).

What does Great Job do?

It increases your income the way faster than you spend. If anyone click the Great Job button at your posts or you click on the other’s posts, in both cases money will be added into that post that is not refundable. So receiving too many Great Jobs ultimately shows the quality of that post.

How Much Money is Awarded by Pressing Great Job Button?

By awarding a Great Job to someone at their post will add $ 0.0040 to the account of the owner and all the feeders of that post

What is Great Job Counter?
The Great Job Counter shows a list of all the members who have liked the post and awarded the Great Jobs.

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