Feed Work

The Feed is what you invest to other’s posts. Normally any post can be fed. The benefit of feeding a post is, you become an equal partner to that post incoming revenue. And the most interesting fact about feeding and becoming a partner in that specific post is that anyone feeding the post will become the partner of the previous feeders and the Feeders at previous step will receive more profit share through the invested post and then the next feeder will have edge and then so on.
E.g. If it is someone else’s post you like or a post from your friend you want to help off, or you want to become an official partner of that post you can simply FEED it by adding money to that post {(for this you must have money into your own account (Spendable Section)}, See the combination of screenshots below to understand the process of Feeding someone else’s post;

E.g. If it is someone else’s post with no money or with money into it and you like it so much that it appealed you to invest to get more profit, then you can FEED it by pressing Feed button and adding money into it. Someone else can also feed it by adding money into it.

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