On most posts at incomeON timelines, you will see the comment section. Comments is to answer about the question, query, giving view point, making a note or replying in form of text, image beneath the incomeON post.

The Comment button tells the total No. of comments on a specific post. By pressing the Comment button, the counter incremented by one each time.
The No. of Comments tells the people view point about your brand or product. The negative or positive comments can be beneficial for the purpose of creating that post on your timeline. Negative comments means, you need to improvements and the positive feedback/comments tells that you are going smoothly.

By giving comment user (who perform comment) receives $0.00225/comment and the post owner receives $0.00015/Comment.
Note*: Only Valid commenting is allowed, all the false/fake comments are caught by our system and the money is reverted back from the user’ earnings to the post.

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