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Classified Ads Post Advert Revenue

To know about Post Advert Revenue, visit section 2.1, What is Post Advert Revenue and How Does it Work?

How to Start a New Classified Campaign?

Login to your incomeON account, scroll down to find Classified/ Advertise (from L.H.S. Main Menu) and click on “New Campaign”.
Click on Classified Campaign Type and select your desired option from “Social or Other”
Let’s understand by selecting “Social”
From the Select Position” option choose the Timeline to post from the given options

  1. Social Timeline
  2. Business Timeline
  3. All Timelines

Step 5.    Let’s Select Social Timeline just to understand the method.

Step 6.    Next, Window will allow you to select the “Ad Type”, incomeON (THD) supports the following Ad Types

  1. Image
  2. Text
  3. Video

Step 7.       Let’s Select the Ad Type “Image” and after that provide the

  1. Title Of the ad in “Title Field”
  2. ULR of the Ad in “URL Field”
  3. Select the “Total Promotion Budget”, the minimum Ad Promotion Budget is $2.0 USD. You can increase or decrease the Ad Promotional Budget by the increment and decrement button by the right side of the “Total Promotion Budget” field.
  4. The Minimum share action budget=”0.0030″ and Maximum share action budget= “0.0030” also.

Step 8.       Choose an image by pressing the “Select Image” button then Click on “Save” Button.

Congratulations! You have created your first Ad Campaign on incomeON (THD), Technology for Human Development (THD).


How to View My Running Timeline Campaigns/Other Campaigns at incomeON

My Campaigns

This section contains the information about user’s running campaigns, which includes;

Timeline Campaigns: These are the campaigns which are running at various timelines

Other Campaigns       These campaigns are related to some specific timelines.

So, to view your running campaigns at incomeON, follow these steps;
Login to your incomeON account, scroll down to find “Classified/Advertise” and click on My Campaigns
Click on “Timeline Campaigns” to view the running timeline’s campaigns or at “Other Campaigns” to view all other campaigns at incomeON

How to View the Statistics of My Running Classified Campaigns at incomeON


  1. General Statistics

This section shows the General Statistics of the Classified Ads Campaigns. The Admin user can only see the values and is unable to alter the values. The General Statistics contains the following sub categories:

  1. Active Social Campaign: Shows the Total No. of Campaigns currently running.
  2. Today Clicks: Shows a summary of Total No. of Clicks on current date.
  3. Today Impressions: Shows the Total No. of impressions on today.
  4. Active Other Campaigns: It displays all other Active Campaigns other than Classified Ads on the portal.
  5. Total Impressions by OS: The section displays the Total No. of impressions counted by the Operating System running on various devices.
  6. Total Impressions by Browser: The section displays the Total No. of impressions counted by the Web Browser used by the various users.

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